Heart Of Greed

Country: Hong Kong

Author(s): Updating

Genres: Drama

Artist(s): Updating

Date aired: 2008

Status: TV Series

Views: 10909


Ten years ago, Chung Siu-Hor, discovered that her husband Gan Tai-Cho was having an affair with their employee Yan-Hung. Siu-Hor and Tai-Cho owned a confectionery together known as the Moonlight Bakery. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Yan-Hung forces Siu-Hor and Tai-Cho to declare divorce. Each parent gained half the custody of their kids. Tai-Cho was given Wing-Ka, Wing-Yuen and Wing-Chung, while Siu-Hor gains custody over Wing-Ho, adopted daughter Hou-Yuet and mute daughter Wing-Hing. After the divorce, Yan-Hung and Tai-Cho take on the Moonlight Bakery name and prove successful, resulting in a family asset totaling HK$1 billion. Meanwhile, Siu-Hor struggles to make a living at the modest bakery she once owned with Tai-Cho. Over the next ten years, Yan-Hung manipulates the family to keep relations hostile. Tai-Cho's mother, Sheh Gwen Lai has a strained relationship with Siu-Hor, and Yan-Hung takes advantage of this to fuel arguments between the two sides. To try and separate the family more, Yan-Hung sends Wing-Chung and her daughter Yue So-Sum to study in England. When Yan-Hung has a miscarriage with Tai-Cho's baby, she blames Wing-Yuen to make him feel indebted to her. Meanwhile, Siu-Hor's sister Chung Siu-Sa comes to Hong Kong after divorcing her husband. Siu-Sa is very angry that Siu-Hor let Tai-Cho take the Moonlight Bakery name and decides to sue Yun-Hung and Tai-Cho for the Moonlight Bakery franchise. However, Siu-Sa ultimately loses the court case. Wing-Ka lacks interest in managing the bakery; instead, he is addicted to the stock market. With Siu-Hor and Hou-Yuet's encouragement and support, he is able to quit gambling. Wing-Ka eventually falls for his cousin, Siu-Sa's daughter, Ka Mei. However, it is later revealed that Ka Mei is sneaky, selfish, and a greedy liar; just like Yan-Hung. The two form a partnership to break the relationship between the two families. Later in the series, Wing-Ka is revealed to have a heart disease. Wing-Ho finds himseWatch drama online for free.

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