Drunken Master Iii

Country: Hong Kong

Author(s): Updating

Genres: Action ; Adventure ; Comedy ; Kung Fu

Artist(s): Updating

Date aired: 1994

Status: Movies

Views: 456


The White Lotus Sect convinces the Manchu emperor of China that a jade ring that they had given him is a guarantee that he'll retain the throne, so long as it stays in his possession. Having given the ring to Sum Yu, his fiancée, the emperor sends for her. She is kidnapped by rebel forces, wounded and ends up in the care of Wong Kei-ying and his son, Wong Fei Hung. While on the run, Sum Yu and Fei Hung meet Uncle Yan, a wine seller and kung fu expert who teaches Fei Hung a few stances. While there, Sum Yu accidentally breaks the jade ring just before the emperor's troops catch up with her. To save Uncle Yan's shop from being burned down, Sum Yu willingly goes with the troops, uncertain of her fate. Fei Hung, his father and Uncle Yan agree to rescue her. Watch drama online for free.

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